Lazy Saturdays (NSFW)

It’s Saturday. I’m lazy. So instead of writing some quasi-interesting paragraph to support some new happenings in geek culture, just enjoy this picture of a random girl with Linux body paint.



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  1. soroush


    1. TxS

      That's one geek girl who is my hero!

      1. rass

        gayah oo..

  2. Dan

    so.. I noticed that they have belly buttons. lol, but they’re birds…..

    1. Badmonkey

      Dan, I’m afraid you should take some avian biology lessons. Even birds have navels although they tend to get smaller and more difficult to see as the birds gets older.

      1. goodmonkey

        Obviously neither did the body painter care to take avian biology as the proportion is all wrong!

  3. Byn

    don,t you know , it is s not art at all, its woman exploitation , by showing her naked body to public by Painting either…. may god forgives her .,,, Amin !!

    1. unknown

      actually there is such a thing as naked art

    2. Byn is a noob

      sigh, you fail as a church going person, "Amin" you mean "Amen". You also fail at typing, don,t, you mean don't. Learn to type on a nerd blog page. ergo. YOU FAIL

    3. screwu

      they look like a bunch of nasty little slut cumdumpsters.

  4. Daniel Nasserian

    ^ Boo Hoo

  5. God

    Amin, don’t talk in my name or I will not forgive you !

  6. wallville

    Belly buttons? Birds? God? Look at her sweet tits!!!

    1. unknown


  7. FI3


  8. steve

    Good Stuff, if you’re into women and what not or penguins, or paint, or god

  9. Holy Diver

    ok, this is definitely a great pic… and amin? Do you mean Amen? Jeez, have you never been to church a day in your life?

  10. yyy

    holy driver, you stupid asshole, orthodox christians are saying amin. Are you really that stupid?
    Anyway, girl is nice…:D

  11. The almighty

    shut up and just look at her tits

    1. unknown


  12. that yeah

    ROFL wtf:/

  13. gil grant

    i see nothing wrong with the penguins

  14. richie fkn bjorklund

    if you dont concentrate on the fact that you can see a little more than some people really would like to (men not included) it actually takes a lot of work and skill and ARTWORK to do something like this so just respect it….. we have art with naked women all over in this world. if you have a woman exploitation problem then fight porn artists not this…. you prove no point trying to preach about this on a comment… its on the net now….. SUCK ONE!!!!!!

  15. Marcel Banke

    I wanted to thank you for this nice write up. I absolutely enjoyed every little part of it. I have you bookmarked and will be reading more.

  16. faruk abi

    We just entered to see big tits , after see your comments and ı think u all idiot but funy 😀

    came on guys thats comments bol shit , just look the pitcure and smile maybe masturbation 😀 We do not recommend .

    who am I ? who are you ? who are we ? who are they ? you know erzincan tulum peynir ? forget it … just one real tits and shadow of the capitalizm LINUX .

    ı go
    we go
    he go

    ölümüne salladık okuyan türkler halden anlar

    communication : three little scream in the toilet 😀

  17. lol

    mah gawd, it is the best work of art I have seen in a while.
    yes I type phonetically sometimes.
    fuck you if I spelled phonetically wrong.

  18. Tracy

    I really like the way it looks like a sshirt 🙂

  19. StarrDaddy

    Wait there are penguins in that pic?!?!?!?!?!

    1. wow


  20. Blah blah blah

    She is just a naked girl wearing body paint. Jeez, why are you talking about tits man. Respect the good art and MOVE ON!

  21. Olah!

    Nice Shirt… tits…

  22. rass

    full nostl………

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