New image of Two-Face?

This image has recently been floating around the internet which may be the first true image of what Two-Face will look like in the upcoming release of “The Dark Knight”. In the latest trailer we get a glimpse of Harvey Dent from his “good side” while a bit of scarring is still visible and also get a shot of him laying face down in gasoline. The detail in his face and the suit give me reason to believe this is what we can expect come July 18. All I know is that I will have nightmares of this. If you can confirm this image is legit or want to share your thoughts, leave us a comment and let us know!


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  1. charlietekopp

    Thats kind of scary! Not like the old one…

  2. Ervin Sholpnick

    Bet he don’t get many dates.

  3. Tommy

    Oh man! If this photo is real then this movie, which already looks great, is gonna be even better! I’m gonna go wait in line for tickets right now!

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    Thanks, Tommy

  4. gheymedia

    Yeah saw this photo too…looks amazing!

  5. Bruce Stark

    A lot of people have been questioning the validity of this photo. I would have to say the fact Warner Bros. has had it pulled from many websites seems to indicate it’s the real deal. Fantastic image, but gruesome.

  6. Kingston

    That’s actually pretty cool. Do you think Two-face will be very prominent in this one, or are they going to do a tease where he’ll become two-face closer to the end, meaning he’ll be in the next Batman movie?

  7. Daniel Nasserian

    Personally I think we will see Two-Face as a character in the last 1/3 of the film. Just speculation of course.

  8. Kitty

    It was a concept. I have yet to see the movie, so I don’t know if they used it. 🙂

  9. marvellous zaloumis


    but cooooool……

    i agree with Tommy. this photo rocks. Batman Forvever failed to give us a real taste of Two-Face. he was made rather childish and stupid. this new one is more dramatic and human.

    even in the cartoon series Batman Animated, Two-Face was scary. it is scary to have a badly burned face when just before u were handsome and desired. this will make him more determined adversary to Batman. an old friend gone berserk by the society he tried to put in jail when he was an Attorney.

    In the next one they should include new Catwoman. dont give role to Haley Berry. Pfifer still looks good.. hope she fit! maybe Scarlet Johanson or the super pop star from Australia, Kylie Miongue.

    oevrall, new two-face rocks. don’t shove him under carpet for fears of being offended. in real life there are people like two face. not their fault just unlucky to suffer from strange diseases. we run away from them instead of help them. we afraid of helping and understanding. but this is just film….. love that Joker….love that Twoface….love Batman ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

    Cheerz, Marv

  10. Lost Expats

    Entourage is a very clever series, every episode is very witty and the character Ari is so watchable.

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