Out goes “Smallville”? In come…”The Graysons”???

With expectations for “Smallville” to finally finish off next spring in its eight-season run, the CW has already made plans to bring in another one of DC Comics’ heroes to its prime time network.   Starting next fall, “Smallville” executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, along with “Supernatural” executive producer McG will introduce “The Graysons”, a TV series addressing the origin years of Batman’s sidekick, Richard (D*ck) “DJ” Grayson aka Robin.  “The Graysons” will take place in modern times as Grayson courts first loves and combats young rivals, while growing up under the family household.

Good news?  Bad news?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I just hope we don’t receive anymore of those drawn out, over-exhausting “Clana”, “Clex”, “Chlark” love triangles with the double entendre dialogue and awkard aftermaths.  Come on, this is badass Batman we’re talking about.  Make this hard.  Gritty.  Corrosive!  Hmm, maybe the CW should’ve considered a series on Nightwing instead.  Well, as long as it tops this take I’ve always liked…