Is Harrison Ford ready for an Indy 5?

indy5harrisonfordCould Harrison Ford already be prepping himself up for another wild adventure as Indiana Jones?  According to CBS’s “The Insider”, the rumored fifth installment in the franchise will begin development as soon as next year, with a planned 2011 release year, when Ford is 69.

Let’s note that this news hasn’t been widely published on many other sites and “The Insider” isn’t always exactly the most credible news program as their website cites unnamed sources on this.  They also state the following:

“Harrison has kept himself in good shape and could still do a lot of the stunts in the last film.”

At Ford’s age, I think we’ll most definitely see him playing more of a mentor role to Shia Laboeuf’s character, Mutt.  Let’s just hope we don’t see anymore overblown alien CGI or extravagant stunt scenes in this next one…ahem…surviving a nuclear blast inside a refrigerator.  As long as Spielberg keeps this franchise on a tight leash and Lucas’ hands off the final screenplay, I’m all for another Indy adventure.  What improvements would you like to see with a 5th Indiana Jones feature?