AW Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

With a record breaking midnight release, just beating “The Dark Knight”, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” opened last Wednesday to an army of devoted fans. In order to avoid the tweens that dress up and read the book in line prior to the showing, I waited a day to see it and this is what I thought…


As a quasi Harry Potter fan, meaning I’ve read the books and seen the films but have yet to purchase my own wand, I went in knowing what the story was and hoped it would be translated well for the screen. For the most  part, the story was captured quite well even though some unnecessary parts dragged on too long and some important parts were absent altogether.

The directing was similar to the prior films so there wasn’t much of a change in that regard. My only gripe with the directing was that the swooping camera angles became a bit too excessive and made me a bit dizzy during a few parts of the movie. More so than when I saw “Cloverfield”, and that’s saying something.

“Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” was definitely the darkest film of the series so far but it was also the best one. You get tossed into the story right from the beginning and the events that take place throughout the movie keep you captivated. As mentioned earlier, some of the scenes may tend to feel lengthy which makes the movie feel as long as it’s running time of 2 and a half hours.

The audience will be entertained regradless if they have read the books or not but there is a lot of backstory missing that may lead to some of those that haven’t read the novels unfulfilled. Important parts of the story were either not included in the film or weren’t given enough time to develop. The Horcrux, which I feel to be a major player in the Harry Potter series, was mentioned towards the end and really wasn’t described in detail.

As someone who has read the books, I found myself getting anxious in the slow parts and just wanted to see how the big ending (will leave out the details for those who haven’t seen it) would be translated. Though it was done well, I felt more emotion while reading it which means it probably could have been done better.

This movie will definitely not disappoint fans of the book or movie series. I highly recommend reading the books prior to seeing this, and probably the next, film so you can get the full experience. If you’re not the reading type, try and watch the prior films again to freshen up on what’s been going on so far.


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  1. Eugene Wong

    I really wish I had read the book prior to watching the film. I felt like a lot of significant details were skimmed over, making the plot harder to follow. Like you mentioned at the end, I also thought the ending was a bit anticlimactic. Definitely one of the better HP films though.

  2. Rakuen

    HP6 was pretty good. Enjoyed it more than Transformers 2 thats for sure, Transformers 2 thats for sure�TF2 dragged so much�

  3. Rakuen

    I think they worked around the book quite successfully for this movie, especially since they didn�t follow it too religiously, which translated very well in my opinion. I still think they should have added more of Kreacher and Dobby because they will be important for the last book. But whatever�

  4. Kairu

    They left out the fight between the Death Eaters and students out. And Dumbledore�s funeral, they left that out too.

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