Bombshells: A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Collection

Terry Dodson Sketchbook

Terry Dodson’s “Bombshells: A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Collection” is quite literally a “bombshell.”

Now before proceeding further, I would like to mention a few things to expect from a sketchbook and some things not to expect. What you can expect from a sketchbook is that it will give an aspiring artist (such as myself) the inspiration that is needed to keep pushing forward. Any fellow artists know how difficult it is to improve on our artwork especially in the early stages…we are always over shadowed by those better than ourselves.

In any case, so we know we can expect to be inspired and awed by the sketch-works of professionals such as Terry Dodson, so what should we not expect from a sketchbook?Well we shouldn’t expect there to be any form of instruction in the sketchbook, its simply a collection of rough to finished works and almost always the process is never shown, so if you decide to buy a sketchbook (which you should if you are a serious artist or aspiring to be) remember that they don’t hold any art lessons inside but rather references to work from.

Now that the little stuff is out of the way, LET’S REVIEW “Bombshells: A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Collection.”

So Mr. Dodson’s sketchbook consists of about 48 pages and costs about $25 and its worth every penny. First of all its a hardcover book and the paper quality is superb, the pages are smooth and firm, not at all flimsy so they will not tear or crease easily. So as far as the material used to produce the book its definitely high quality.

Alright so materials out of the way…you’re probably thinking, “yeah, well what about the artwork? is it really worth paying 25$ for only 48 pages of artwork?” Well, if you want my advice then “Hell Yes!” Most of the artworks in the book range from one to three different colors and are mostly color pencil sketches…and they are super clean and just beautiful to look at. There are a few marker sketches but only about half a dozen, so maybe that’s a teeny downside.

And what about the title, “Bombshells: A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Collection” focus on the word “BOMBSHELLS,” yeah, the book is 90% full of sketches of female characters the most notable being “Emma Frost and Black Cat,” but most of the sketches are studies of models and for characters from “Songes,” a French comic book. But the sketches are total eye candy and all of the females are smooth and curvy and just down right voluptuous. So its a double treat if you’re a male artist…well maybe even if you are a female artist. Oh and as a special treat, Mr. Dodson added his process for how he created the cover for his sketchbook…yeah I know I said there aren’t any instructional components to a sketchbook but this is an exception.
So all in all, if you want some really clean sketch-works printed on high quality paper with some very voluptuous women inside (sorry guys, there is no nudity in this book) than 25$ spent on “Bombshells: A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Collection,” will serve as eye candy and as a reference book for learning to draw those dangerous curves for those comic book “Femme Fatales” we all love so much.

In the meantime, for those interested in witnessing Mr. Dodson’s artworks you can check out his site at “TERRY DODSON ART.” Also if you would like to purchase the book you can do it through Mr. Dodson’s website “here”.

LATER THIS WEEK: We look at “ICONS: THE DC COMICS AND WILDSTORM ART OF JIM LEE,” there will be a video component for that book review and some awesome images of the good stuff lurking within that treasure chest. Until then, draw until you knuckles hurt!