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AW Comic Book Review: Justice League #1

Last night, fans across the country gathered at their local comic book shop for the midnight release of Justice League issue #1. This issue signifies the relaunch of 52 series by DC Comics slated for release this month including Batman and Superman. I took part in the festivities at my local shop, Collector’s Paradise, where there was …

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New Superman costume: no underoos

More useless crap added to the Star Wars Blu Ray

Well, if you thought the greedy bastard that is George Lucas was done ruining his franchise, guess again. These videos have been floating around the internet to an angry audience of Star Wars fans that are quickly losing patience with the changes being made to the original trilogy. As if it wasn’t enough he made …

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Don Cheadle is Captain Planet!

No, not really. A couple weeks ago, it was announced that a live-action “Captain Planet” movie was in development and that it would be geared towards younger audiences.  I for one was not happy with this direction as I would’ve preferred to see a more badass Captain Planet actually kicking the crap out of our planet’s waste …

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Angry Girl Of The Week: Victoria

We are happy to feature Victoria this week as our girl of the week because she has a way of standing out. Her costumes are not only phenomenal but there is a certain darkness to her that I absolutely love. Whether it is the black lipstick in some of her shoots or the macabre tone to others, …

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Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection launch trailer

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