Angry Girl Of The Week: Meredith

This week, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Meredith, or as she may be known to her fans, “Ana Aesthetic”.

Meredith is a self proclaimed geek from Atlanta, Georgia who really stood out to me because not only is she and her costume work beautiful, but the photography is as well. Every photo we were sent is a piece of art in itself in which the colors, costumes and background tie into each other perfectly.

Like the other girls we have featured, Meredith comes off as an extremely sweet and humble gal who really knows her stuff when it comes to the geeky subculture that we here at Angry Web live to talk about.

I highly recommend checking out her website for more photos that are not featured below. I would feature them all if I could.

Name: Meredith aka “Ana Aesthetic”

Age: 30

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’ve been doing this whole cosplay thing since 1999, and can attribute my geekiness to my parents. Both worked in the computer field and weened me on Star Trek and Star Wars, comic books and Atari video games. I remember being the coolest kid on the block when I got my NES, which probably factored into why I was such a tom boy growing up – since all the boys wanted to hang out at my house! When I was 23 I quit my day job to go to fashion school, but all I did with that education is make costumes for me and my friends. At the time, I was co-host for a nationally syndicated pop culture (read nerd) talk show. It was a pretty dumb move of me to leave it but it also set me on the path where I am today, and I have to say my life is pretty awesome.

What do you like to do for fun?
I hate staying still for too long, so I’m always out and about doing things. Atlanta is full of great improv show and independent theater, which I frequent as often as I can. I also live with an artist, which means we’re always at some live art event or gallery opening. I love food. It’s like an obsession. My latest craze are the food trucks that I stalk incessantly and you can find me at most of their gatherings. If you’re in Atlanta, you totally need to check out the Howell Mill Food Park and the Atlanta Street Food Coalition.

What do you do for a living?
I don’t know why, but a lot of people assume I am a “professional cosplayer.” I have heard that term so many times in the past year that it’s made me want to rethink all of the cons I go to!

I’m a freelance news assignment editor, producer and booker for a major news network, writer and all around Lois Lane type. I started working on air in radio while I was still in high school and made the jump to TV news in my mid-20s. Some people will tell you I live the dream life, since I set my own hours and have the time (and money) to spend on my hobby… but don’t be fooled! Some months it’s like Christmas in July, but working freelance has taught me how to budget my money and save for the hard times.

I’m working on switching back to a more media personality type and am currently putting together a fresh demo and plan on shopping it around. So if you’re reading this and want an amazingly nerdy, super adorable and been in the profession for over a decade girl to host your geeky news segment, give me a call!

What type of video games, music, TV shows and movies do you like?
I used to be a bigger gamer than I am now, but for some reason working in TV makes me barely want to turn the thing on when I get home. I play a lot of PC games though, like Borderlands, Left 4 Dead, and Dragon Age. You can find me on Steam under AnaAesthetic. I’m really good with friendly fire ;D.

My taste in books and movies are all over the map. Cheesy sci-fi b-movies, independent flicks, avaunt guard art house films, things with lots of car chases and explosions. Currently I’m on a Haruki Murakami kick and absolutely LOVE The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. My favorite directors are Christopher Guest and Wes Anderson. DragonLance used to be my all time favorite fantasy novel, but after reading all the Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) books in under two months, I have to say GRRM is a god-send to fantasy.

I also listen to everything under the sun. My favorite bands include Metric, Pink Floyd, Lady Tron and Kana.

What is your favorite comic book?
That’s like asking me which of my cats is my favorite! I don’t have just one. I’ve been a long-time X-Men reader and tend to pick Marvel over DC. I used to love Batman, but since the RIP run it’s been utter garbage. I guess none of that will matter come September anyways. Uncanny X-Men, on a whole, is always good. “God Loves, Man Kills” is one of the best comic stories written ever. I religiously follow DMZ, Green Lantern, Journey Into Mystery, X-Men (everything, even if it’s trash) and recently got into Captain America.

Why did you decide to cosplay as the characters you portrayed?
For the most part I pick characters I really like and want to bring to life. Every once in awhile I’ll see a design that interests me from a sewing challenge standpoint, and I want to make it. That usually involves me researching the comic/anime/movie/etc and immersing myself in it. Luckily I’ve ended up liking said characters. I don’t think I’d be able to put all the time and money into a costume of a character I didn’t like, just because they looked cool.

Anything else we should know about you?
I run a weekly video blog with my roomie and bestie about two of our favorite things: cupcakes and comic books. One day we’ll run out of cupcake places in Atlanta and figure we’ll have to move on to other things like: cheesecake, carnival food, Chianti… I mean, there are a lot of edible things that begin with the letter ‘C’!

Be sure to check out her YouTube channel and you can find her around the net on her website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Also, if you happen to be attending Dragon Con, Meredith will be modeling at an art event Friday night, September 2nd, from 7:00PM – 11:30PM. People can sign up to draw along side artists like David Mack (Kabuki), James O’Barr (the Crow), Bill Sienkiewicz (Batman, Dare Devil) and Peter Steigerwald (Aspen Comics). She will also be debuting her Emma Frost costume at the show so be sure to check it out.

You can get more information on the Facebook event page.

If you are interested in becoming one of our girls of the week, send 4-5 photos and answer the questions above to Daniel@AngryWeb.net.