The day is saved!

Recently, AngryWeb reported on the unfortunate case of Mike Meyer, a special needs Superman fan in Illinois who lost a large portion of his beloved merchandise and comics collection to a con man. Our readers were invited to be part of the worldwide effort to send gifts of new comics, cards and drawings to the disappointed Meyer.

A Daily Planet exclusive reveals that the perpetrator, Lex Luthor (or rather, Gerry Armbruster of Granite City, Ill.), has been apprehended for both this crime and for armed robbery of an elderly gentleman. The police were able to return Meyer’s stolen items.

Meyer has been collecting Superman comics and memorabilia for more than thirty-five years. Armbruster stole more than 1,800 items from the man’s beloved collection. AngryWeb readers and others around the world quickly rallied and sent Meyer all sorts of gifts. Among other things, officials in Cleveland have offered to arrange for Meyer to tour the house where Superman was born – that is, the house in which a young Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster created him – and the chamber of commerce in Metropolis, Illinois is reported to be cooking up something special for the Superfan.

Thanks to all the donations from his fellow fans around the globe, Meyer’s collection has almost doubled in size. He has decided that he’s going to donate many of the duplicate items to charity, most probably to a children’s hospital.

“People were generous to me,” he says. “I can be generous in return.”

Looks like truth and justice have prevailed once again, folks. It just goes to show…each of us really can be a superhero.