Amazon unveils their new Kindle line up

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon has unveiled their new line up of Kindles. Now as low as $79, the Kindle has made itself available for all budgets and have even introduced a tablet that is aggressively priced to be the first real iPad competitor.

The base model is as low as $79 with advertisements and has slight changes since the Kindle 3. Amazon has completely done away with the keyboard and made it lighter (though previous models were pretty light already). This model comes in WiFi only but at the price, it’s not difficult to load it up at home and take it with you wherever you go.

The next model up, the Kindle Touch, now has a touch screen and will be available in WiFi or 3G versions starting as low as $99. Like previous models, the 3G will allow you to download books from wherever you are and will have no monthly fees associated with it.

The big change from the previous model would be the touch screen which replaces all buttons and keys on the unit.

Lastly, the one we have all been waiting for, the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is a high resolution, full color tablet that seems to have its limitations from others on the market (like not having a 3G model) but has it where it counts…especially when it comes to pricing.

A mere fraction of what the iPad costs, the Kindle Fire starts under $200 and will allow full media playback including music, movies and streaming for Amazon Prime members. It also allows for full color books and magazines to be read and even though it will come with 8GB of on-board memory for media and apps (which will be available through Amazon), Amazon will be providing free cloud access so media can be stored with them while you access it on your device.

From the provided details, it may not be an iPad but for those who are interested in watching, reading, listening, checking email and browsing the web, the $200 price point may be a better bargain than Apple’s tablet. Also, with Amazon’s distribution (expect to see this on Amazon’s home page for the next year), this is sure to be a winner and may give Apple a run for their money in the tablet market.

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