“Arrested Development” will return to TV before hitting the big screen

Fans of the series “Arrested Development” have been following news over the past few years about the possibility of a full length feature film. After Fox pulled the plug on the popular show after 3 seasons, viewers started signing online petitions trying desperately to get the show back on the air with no response from the network.

When word got out that there was progress being made on the production of the film, fans rejoiced. But recent news might allow for full celebration as The New Yorker has just announced that the show would be returning for a 4th season before a movie hits theaters.

There are few details at this time regarding when and where it will air but rumor has it that “Arrested Development” might find a new home on either Showtime or Netflix as they are looking for new content to provide for its streaming customers. It is looking like season 4 would be set to start airing in 2013, 7 years after the series originally ended.

Netflix has recently become the whipping boy of the stock market after Reed Hasting’s unpopular decision to both raise subscription fees 60% and split the DVD-by-mail service and streaming service. Stocks have gone down nearly 60% since the announcement to raise prices and getting quality content might start making their streaming service just a little more valuable.

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