Will “Arrested Development” stop Netflix from sinking?

For those of you who loved the FOX series “Arrested Development”, it wasn’t long ago when we found out that the series would be returning for a 4th season. It was also being decided which network would be airing the series once it returned. Well the news is out that the Bluth family has found a home and it’s going to cost you $7.99 a month to stream through the Netflix service. Netflix may have been able to save “Arrested Development” but the questions is, can “Arrested Development” save Netflix?

As of today, the Netflix stock closed at $70.45 after reaching over $300.00 a share earlier this year. Netflix has been a sinking stone since CEO Reed Hastings decided to raise subscription fees 60%, split the service into two different companies only to retract the decision and now we are finding out that they are selling stocks and raising funds to meet a $400 million goal in order to operate in the UK next year.

Admittedly, Netflix has told its shareholders that the company won’t be posting a profit in all of 2012 and that the cost of licensing fees and operating in the UK has been a bit of a financial challenge. Since the company has lost nearly a million subscribers and those who are staying will most likely down grade their memberships, customers and shareholders alike are trying to find out how Netflix will stay afloat.

“Arrested Development” is the first show that will be exclusive to the Netflix service. With all of the negative aura surrounding the company, many are wondering if Netflix can survive long enough to see “Arrested Development” when it is set to air in 2013. Will fans of the show subscribe to Netflix just to see the Bluths back in action or will this prove to be another flop on the part of the battered company? Only time will tell.