AW Game Review: Superman

While browsing the app store on my iPhone 4S, I saw the glory of the Superman emblem and without hesitation, dropped the 99 cents it took to download…whatever it was I was downloading. After the Warner Bros. and DC logo had come and gone, I found myself playing a simple side scroller that was actually pretty fun.

Superman is a mission-based game that requires the user to fly or run to whatever danger presents itself whether it be a burning building or an alien attack on Metropolis. The simple controls allow you to direct Superman with the left thumb or increase your speed and use a super power with the right thumb.

I hate being vague with the terms “super power”, but a single button will either be frost breath or laser vision depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Once you have finished the smaller tasks, you will have a final task along the lines of stopping an incoming missile or helping a plane land safely.

Considering the game costs as much as taco at Taco Bell, it’s worth the price for any geek with a smart phone. It won’t be the next Angry Birds but it is sure to keep the Superman fan busy for hours.