Microsoft to update Xbox interface tomorrow

In an effort to make the Xbox 360 more of a universal media center, Microsoft will be launching its new software update for the console tomorrow. The new update will have a similar feel to Microsoft’s mobile operating system found on the Zune and Windows Mobile devices. It will also tie in to the features expected next year when Microsoft releases Windows 8.

The new Xbox 360 software will also allow users to navigate using voice commands (Kinect required to use this feature). The inclusion of Bing will give users the ability to verbally search for game, music, movies and more.

“With Bing on Xbox, you can use your voice to effortlessly find the games, movies, TV shows and music you want and discover the best offerings on Xbox LIVE, by simply saying what you’re searching for,” the company says. “You say it, Xbox finds it.” The new entertainment service scans not only Microsoft-offered services line Zune Video, but also some partner services, including Netflix, Hulu Plus and Comcast On Demand.

Just under 1 million Xbox 360 units were sold over the Thanksgiving weekend and Microsoft is beginning to realize the importance of a multimedia device rather than a console aimed solely at the gaming community. Competitors like the Sony Playstation 3 have promoted it’s console using the tagline “It Only Does Everything”. They have made sure potential buyers know that it plays games, is a Blu Ray player and can stream media from the most popular services. Microsoft will be following suit with their new update.

Users can begin downloading the update December 6.