Angry Girl Of The Week: Carla

Carla Dawn is another stunning girl who is featured on our 2012 calendar! If you couldn’t tell already, Carla is another one of our girls who is fond of the Disney Universe and even belongs to the Superhero Disney Princess Group.

Being a fan of Disney alone won’t make you geeky enough to be an Angry Girl but Carla’s hobbies include reading (a lot) books and comics as well as gaming. She has an amazing attitude and we’re not only happy to feature her this week, but we are honored to have her as Miss September on our 2012 Angry Girls calendar!

Name: Carla Dawn
Age: 22

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Let’s see… I like to cosplay! I am a musician, a costumer, and a future teacher! I just graduated last month with a BA in Liberal Studies. 😀  I have super awesome friends and parents who I wouldn’t be able to make any of these costumes without. I also like to model on the side just for fun.
I love group cosplays, and I am a part of the awesome Superhero Disney Princess group that will appear again at SDCC 2012 I was Super Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) last year, and I will be Super Cinderella this year!!

What do you like to do for fun?
My current obsession is X-Men Destiny on Xbox 360… it rules my life. :p But I usually like doing arts and crafts with sparkly things (and usually have to do with making costumes). I love to play tennis and go for bike rides with the love of my life, and with my other friends I like to cosplay!! I also am a super book worm…when I get a chance to be alone, I love to catch up on my constant supply of new books.

What do you want to do for a living?
Right now I work in retail, making a living as I finish getting credentialed. My real goal is to be a kindergarten teacher! I have taught music to children in the past and tutored children in reading, and I know teaching is what I’m meant to do.

What type of video games, music, TV shows and movies do you like?
I am really open to anything except horror movies and I am terrible at first-person shooter games…I still can’t get the controls down!!! I absolutely love RPG’s, like Dragon Age, where you get to level up your character and earn new powers.

I love almost any type of music, but I’m really into the TRON soundtrack right now (my birthday is coming up and “The Princess and the Frog” soundtrack is on my wish list *hint hint!*).  I love pop, R&B, and Disney soundracks, mostly.

My favorite TV shows are Firefly, Chuck (last season… so sad), Teen Titans, Shin Chan, and American Dad. Anything that makes me laugh!! As for movies, my favorites are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scott Pilgrim VS. The World, The Princess and the Frog, and Tangled!! I’m such a Disney fan. 😀

What is your favorite comic book?
I absolutely LOVE “The Guild” comics to death. I’m a super geeky fan about the show and whenever a new one-sot comic comes out, it’s my first priority to go buy it and read it. Felicia Day is a genius! I also adore the “Terra” mini-series by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Amanda Connor. I have loved Terra’s character since I watched “Teen Titans” as a kid. As I got older, I started reading her story from when she was first introduced to the new Terra’s current story arc (and it continues in Power Girl). I just love that the old Terra’s story is so full of conflict for everyone and you never know what is going to happen next. Also, you can’t forget the Scott Pilgrim books… I thank my best friend for getting me into the series years ago. 😀

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I recently cut my hair super boy short just to see what it would look like… I will never do it again. :p

Why did you decide to dress like any characters you portray?
Because it’s so much fun! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, so it seemed like a fitting hobby; I get to dress up more than just one day of the year, and I get to dress up with groups of friends. I love to do group projects and cosplays… it makes all of the effort to make the costume worth it when you get to enjoy it with friends. I choose characters I adore, or at least find out about the character before I dress up as them. I have done costumes before where I didn’t know about the character beforehand because a friend wanted me to complete their group (Rainbow Dash, Panty), but I watched the show beforehand and fell in love with the characters.

You can find Carla Dawn on Facebook, deviantArt and on Cosplay.com.

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