“The Simpsons” gears up for its 500th episode

Today, in the heart of Hollywood, cast members of “The Simpsons” showed up to promote this Sunday’s 500th episode. There was a bit more to this meet and greet however as 100 die-hard “Simpsons” fans showed up to help smash a Guinness World Record of consecutive television watching.

The contestants were made comfortable inside a massive yellow tent that would be showing all 500 episodes of the hit show. These crazed couch potatoes will be given 3 meals a day and snacks to sustain them as well as a 10 minute break for every 2 hours they spent in their chairs. Sounds easy enough right? Well not so much.

The contest started at 5:00pm PST and given the 20 minute episodes, commercial free of course, the contestants will be forced to skip REM sleep until about Sunday morning. Judges will be disqualifying anyone who nods off or takes their eyes off the screen for longer than a sneeze.

We will update this post over the next couple of days with some of the results but if you’re like us normal folks, you’ll just be watching “The Simpsons” 500th episode from the comfort of your own home, after a full night’s sleep, this Sunday night on FOX.

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Also, a huge thank you to Steve Siebold for photographing the event.