“Harry Potter” hits the Kindle for free in June!…assuming you’re a Prime member

Owners of eReaders haven’t been able to get their hands on the popular “Harry Potter” series until recently. Now that you can find your favorite prepubescent wizard in the digital format, Amazon is making things even sweeter by adding the Potter books to the Kindle Lending Library starting in June.

For those not familiar with the program, Amazon will allow for the downloading of 1 book at a time per month which can be digitally “returned” when you’re ready to download a new book. Unfortunately, for those that use tablets, iPads and iPhones, the lending library only works for Kindle devices such as the Kindle Touch or the Kindle Fire.

The Lending Library is part of the Amazon Prime service which costs only $79 per year and includes access to free 2 day shipping and a library of streaming TV shows and movies.