Green Lantern revealed as gay DC character

For the past couple of weeks, fans have been trying to guess which “major DC Comics character” would be ousted as a homosexual. Well the wait is over.

It was obvious that Batman or Superman wouldn’t be the the ones to get the rainbow treatment as their story arcs revolve around their relationships and Batman has even fathered children with the likes of Catwoman and Talia al Ghul (is Bruce Wayne starting a franchise?).

One thing fans have to remember is that Green Lantern doesn’t apply to a single character like Hal Jordan but rather a group of intergalactic police who are assigned to different sectors of the universe. The Green Lantern that will be cast as homosexual will be the Green Lantern from issue 2 of “Earth 2” which recently launched as part of DC’s “New 52”.

Earth 2 is an alternate universe that won’t tread much on Green Lantern’s past history. Alan Scott, who was first revealed to comic readers in 1940, will be introduced to readers as a gay character without much of a backstory to go along with it.

What strikes me as odd however, is that the media made this a pretty big deal when, in actuality, it’s been quite common in the comic book world including Batwoman Kate Kane, DC’s first gay kiss in a 1988 issue and Marvel’s upcoming gay marriage of Northstar.

Comics have always remained relevant to topical issues whether it is a mixed race Spider-Man, a propaganda Captain America or a gay Green Lantern. This is just another case of comics becoming progressive and I think it’s wonderful.