“The Amazing Spider-Man” event and video game preview

Today (June 1st if you are reading this several days later), Sony Pictures and their Spider-Man viral marketing team “Mark of the Spider-Man”, teamed up with Carl’s Jr. and 106.7 KROQ to host an event for the upcoming summer movie “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

The event took place at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant located in Glendale, CA and involved a few activities for the fans that were willing to make the trek. The entire dining establishment was covered in webbing from the outside and decorated with Spider-Man signs and posters on the inside. Activities included spinning a wheel of prizes which involved anything from free Carl’s Jr. burgers and fries, Spider-Man gifts (either a t-shirt or hat), or the best prize of all, a free ticket to see an advanced screening of “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie. Patrons were also given an opportunity by the Mark of the Spider-Man marketing street team to decipher a code that would grant them a free t-shirt. All guests were given “Wanted Spider-Man” posters as seen below.

The last activity allowed fans to preview the “Amazing Spider-Man” the video game due out June 26th for all consoles. I have been really looking forward to this game so I was happy to be given the opportunity to play it. I was not disappointed. The “Amazing Spider-Man” game was impressive. The newest installment of Spidey’s video game career feels reminiscent of the successful Spider-Man 2 video game that was released prior to the second movie of Sam Raimi’s trilogy. The open, “sand-box” format has been restored and allows you to control Spider-Man through the mean streets of New York City. Controls feel fresh and introduce us to a new form of “slow-down web-slinging” to aid in traversing the open world. Combat feels very familiar to gamers that have played previous Spider-Man video games as well as those that have played the Batman Arkham series. This combat formulation involves striking and dodging buttons mixed with utilizing web fluid to detain street hooligans. Baddies not only follow nameless street thugs, but also include familiar Spider-Man villains for epic boss battles. All Spider-Man fans know that this particular superhero has a long list of creative, well-developed villains. The demo that was made available at this event allowed the player to fight against a common face in this universe, Rhino. The battle involved strategy and was complete with Spider-Man’s classic witty banter a la the original comics.

The “Amazing Spider-Man” the video game was impressive in every sense and will satisfy those of us that have been thirsty for another sand-box superhero game. One concern for those that are anxious to play, this game follows the events of the movie and has been announced as a sequel to the summer flick. With a June 29th release of the video game , some of us might want to wait to play this title for at least a week until after the movie is released on July 3rd. Either way, this will be a fantastic game for Spider-Man fans as well as gamers all around.