New “Iron Man 3” on-set images

With the Avengers still raking in millions of dollars every weekend and audiences wanting more, it is with great pleasure and excitement that we bring you these brand new on-set production images of “Iron Man 3”. Marvel began production of the latest installment in the Iron Man franchise at the end of May in North Carolina.

Rumor mills are abuzz regarding Iron Man locations, villains, and casting. Recent rumors indicate that our hero’s adventures may take him as far as China fighting against a long time enemy of the franchise, the Mandarin (it’s about time). This begs the question as to what do the images mean?

For those of you that follow closely to the Marvel comics universe, these images may confuse you as much as they have confused me. The pictures indicate the character the “Iron Patriot”. The Iron Patriot is a suit of armor that is inhabited by Norman Osborne (that’s right, of former Green Goblin fame) in the series The Dark Avengers, which follows some of the events of Marvel’s Civil War. Honestly, I don’t believe that this will be introduced for the latest installment of the Iron Man franchise seeing as to there being far too much back story to develop.

Stay tuned and check back frequently. We will be on top of all current and future developments regarding more on “Iron Man 3”.