“X-Men: First Class” sequel named

New development into the sequel to last year’s fantastic summer blockbuster about a band of mutants we have come to love. That’s right, the next installment of “X-Men: First Class” has received yet another title to add on, making the overall name even more lengthy. The sequel to “X-Men: First Class” will receive the title “Days of Future Past”.

Those of us that have followed all of the X-Men comics and their story lines (because there are so many of them) might find this title a little too familiar. “Days of Future Past” was released in 1981 by Marvel comics and fell into the “Uncanny X-Men” story line. The premise involved a semi-apocalyptic future in which many of the mutants we have come to love are deceased. (Now do you remember the classic cover with Wolverine and Kitty Pryde standing in front of pictures of dead mutants? Please see below).

In this bleak future, many of our favorite mutants are dead and those that are not have been confined to mutant internment camps. Sentinels rule the United States and help to prevent any mutant uprisings. Many rumors are already surfacing as to whether this premise will be implemented in the First Class universe or whether it is just a clever title that pays homage to a popular X-Men story arc. Many questions arise as to roles and characters. Will Hugh Jackman reprise the role of Wolverine? Which mutants and villains will return or debut? Either way, I have faith in the folks at 20th Century Fox and director Matthew Vaughn and look forward to a great sequel to a great movie.