AW Review: Spoilers with Kevin Smith

Hey Angry Webbers, long time no see! I hope everyone is doing well out there.

As some of you know I am a HUGE Kevin Smith fan. I have followed his career almost since the beginning and if you too are a fan then you may know about his new internet TV show on Hulu known called “Spoilers: with Kevin Smith”.

It is a movie review show where you go and see one of the new movies of the week that is paid for by the production. After the film, you go back to the Jay and Silent Bob-atorium where you, the audience, or Spoilers if you will, review the movie on camera with the man himself, Kevin Smith!

The audience review is followed up with a short review by Kevin. After that, you are treated to a special guest such as Robert Rodriguez, Jason Lee and others. They talk about the beginning of their careers and what they have done since as well as what they are working on now.

When you watch the episodes on Hulu you are also treated to a bit that includes a look into a select film each week from the Criterion Collection. And last but not least, you also get a short Smodimation cartoon. They usually have to do with an episode of Kevin’s other show Hollywood Babble-On, featuring Ralph Garman.

New episodes air on Hulu every Monday morning. You can sign up to attend a taping HERE. It’s a fun show to watch if you’re a movie geek so I suggest checking it out!