Angry Girl Of The Week: Remina

Did you miss us? Welcome back to our Angry Girls feature after a bit of a hiatus. We are glad to be back and we are happy to start things off again with a very special girl this week.

What happens when you find a writer who is better looking than anyone on your staff? Obviously feature her as an Angry Girl and give her a weekly blog!

Remina West is a fellow resident of Los Angeles and is not just another pretty face. Her love of horror, comics and table top games make Remina a special breed that we are proud to welcome onto the Angry Web team. Check out some of her photos and be sure to watch her video this week and every week on our YouTube channel.

Name: Remina West

Tell us a bit about yourself.
You can call me Remina West, and I’ve been lurking around the gaming and comic book community here in Los Angeles since 2009. I grew up in the deep south in the wondrous land of Louisiana until I left for California, because the lack of nerd community and anime conventions are sound reasons to move across the country, right? Anyway, I’m the resident Slurpee connoisseur who also happens to model in between D&D sessions and gaming marathons. Enjoy.

What do you like to do for fun?
If I leave my apartment, it’s mostly because of an event going on, whether it be E3, CES, Comic Con, Anime Expo, wherever there’s a bunch of geek fandom concentration, you’ll find me! When I’m not terrorizing conventions, I like to curl up with a Slurpee and watch 90’s cartoons to laugh at all the grown up jokes I didn’t understand when I was a kid.

Oh, and I also hang out at my local tabletop gaming shop and play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons. I’m sure after two years they want to throw me out and tell me to get a life. (Protip: Never gonna’ happen.)

What do you want to do for a living?
Preferably, I’d like to be a professional Slurpee taste tester. In the unlikely case that career path doesn’t exist, or the rapid onset of diabetes is imminent, I’ll go into marketing and PR for the gaming/tech industry.

What type of video games, TV shows, and movies do you like? 
I watch a lot of creepy movies and TV shows, ranging everywhere from Hellraiser and Supernatural. Besides horror movies and shows, my favorite games range from Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Soul Calibur 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame. I also wipe the floor with Gauntlet Legends, as long as some idiot doesn’t open the chest with Death in it.
And then there’s the whole anime thing. I’ve watched more anime than is probably healthy, but the most recent series I’ve watched are Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Code Geass.

What is your favorite comic book?
I’m particularly fond of anything and everything X-Men. Right now I’m making my way through X-Force because X-23 is my lesbian crush. Outside of the Marvel realm, I read a lot of manga (my collection is pretty decent, as seen herein this photo. Besides all the horror/guro Junji Ito manga I read, I’ve always loved series like Trigun, Hellsing, Rurouni Kenshin, Tenchi Muyo, and a whole myriad of others.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
Besides the fact that I was bitten in the face by a horse when I was 12, but sadly did not acquire radioactive horse powers, I have a level 12 Eladrin sorceress named Val who just recently reached her Paragon Path in my D&D game! GO ME. Yes, it’s 4th edition, so go ahead and complain that 3.5 and Pathfinder are better. My sorceress still has sweet ice queen powers and a snow falcon. Deal with it. I also spent 12 hours with my team in a single D&D session trying to kill a huge spider queen in the Underdark. Stupid Drow.

Why did you decide to cosplay as the characters you portrayed?
I don’t cosplay often, so when I do I REALLY love the character/franchise. Rogue was my favorite X-Man (woman?) growing up, and I always identified with her, seeing as I grew up in the South and was always an outsider, watchin’ all those “Chinese cartoons” after all… As for RED Scout and Zoey from L4D (which you’ll never see photos of), I’ve spent way too many hours…days…playing Valve’s little brainsuckers they call games. And after I read Zoey’s backstory with her dad, everything fell into place!

Oh, and I got to carry around a sweet home made pipe bomb with an airsoft 1911. Everything’s better with a pipe bomb and a 1911.

Anything else we should know about you?
I have a bad habit of making stupid faces all the time. And I have a twin brother named Dean Winchester. Can’t you see the resemblance?

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