Next Arkham game to be a prequel?

That’s right my fellow Angry Webbers we could be seeing a prequel to two of the most amazing games of our time. Word is that the proposal that Warner Bros interactive has sent to Rocksteady is that they want them to include the Justice League in the game in some aspect. There is some speculation that this is due in part to Warner Bros. wanting the Justice League to be a bigger presence before finally making a movie.

It looks as if though the game will center around Batman’s first encounter with the Joker, which if Mark Hamill isn’t returning to voice the joker, might not be as exciting. We will have to wait for more information about this title and see what it looks like before making a final decision. As more news is released we will have it for you here.

How do you feel about Warner Bros.’ push to commercialize the Justice League in order to sell gamers on the movie?