Christian Bale visits victims of Aurora, CO. shooting

With the surviving victims of last Friday’s shooting in Aurora Colorado still healing in the hospital, the were surprised today when The Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale, went to pay them a visit.

In the photo with Bale is Carey Rottman who was shot in the leg by the suspect and transported to the hospital in a police car. He posted the photo along with the following quote:

I am definitely feeling nothing but love and am ready to get started on this recovery! By the way, first 30 minutes of the dark knight were SICK!!

Though there are few positives to take away from what happened in that theater last Friday, it’s nice to see Bale and Warner Bros. making the effort to reach out to the victims and their families in a tragedy they had nothing really to do with.

Rottman was also visited by the state’s governor and received phone calls from members of the Denver Broncos, including Peyton Manning.