AW Review: “Marvel Zombies Halloween”

Another addition to the Marvel Zombies franchise has been released and just in time for the holidays. “Marvel Zombies Halloween” has just hit shelves and this reviewer has thoroughly enjoyed its story.

Taking place in the same universe of the previous Marvel Zombie franchise universe, “Marvel Zombies Halloween” takes a “One Shot” issue to bring a warm, heart-felt story during Halloween time to a comic series that has previously been humorous, visceral, and down right gloomy. Written with disconsolate and meaningful words, Fred Van Lente (“Marvel Zombies” 3 & 4, “X-Men Noir”) has penned a nice little story to bring the reader into the mood for a little “Trick-or-Treating.” Aiding in bringing the story to life and providing a fantastic cover is artist Alessandro Vitti (“Fear Itself The Home Front”, “Captain America and Hawkeye”).

“Aw mom. C’Mon. If we don’t get to have any fun…

…What are we staying alive for?”   -Peter

“Marvel Zombies Halloween” takes an intimate look at a mother and son struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse set in the Marvel Universe. If you have read any of Marvel Zombies before, you understand that not even our favorite superheroes are safe against this vicious epidemic. Our hero for this particular book goes by the name Peter and his own personal superhero is his mother known as “mom.” This comic book does not elaborate on who exactly Peter and his mother actually are at the beginning, but you find out soon enough the further you read. You also get an interesting surprise as to who Peter’s elusive father actually is.

“Marvel Zombies Halloween” shows us that holiday traditions keep us feeling human, even during a zombie apocalypse. Peter’s want and need to experience a real Halloween during a time of survival and his mother’s quest to give him that experience makes you truly feel for the protagonist. This sense of adventure takes Peter on a doom-filled quest to the unmanned wasteland of the zombie trek. Similarly, we get to see the zombified versions of some of our favorite Marvel superheroes and their dark sense of witty, zombified banter to follow.

“I’m not sure if you can tell just by looking at us lady…

…But long-term planning ain’t our strong suit.”

“Marvel Zombies Halloween” is a fantastic read for anybody that is a fan of the Marvel Zombies franchise and newcomers alike. It is a “One-Shot” and a quick read that will get you in the mood for the upcoming holiday. You can pick up this issue at your local comic book store today.