Disney buys LucasFilm Ltd. with slated “Star Wars Episode 7” release for 2015

For the love of all that is holy. First Marvel and now LucasFilm Ltd.

The Walt Disney Company has been buying up companies left and right. Not just small companies here and there, but MAJOR creative companies. The most recent being LucasFilm Ltd for a pretty cheap price tag at $4.05 billion. This includes an umbrella of successful franchises from the impressive movie making company. The most important and successful being the “Star Wars” franchise.

Furthermore, Disney has also announced a set release for the next installment in the “Star Wars” franchise continuing on the original trilogy with Episode 7 set for 2015. Disney also plans to complete the entire trilogy with a subsequent Episode 8 and Episode 9 following the same schema of a new movie every three years.

So it looks like the year 2015 will see an “Avengers” sequel, a “Justice League” movie, hoverboards, and now a brand new “Star Wars” movie to continue the expansive universe. For huge Star Wars fans as myself, it is very touching news to have the opportunity to see another Star Wars movie in the theaters as well as the possibility of having my (unborn) children see a Star Wars movie in the theaters. Thank you once again Disney.