Yoda may star in first “Star Wars” spin off movie


Disney has always been known for their character marketing which make acquisitions like the Marvel and Star Wars franchise a no brainer for the large company.

It should be no surprise that sources are reporting that Yoda will be the subject of a “Star Wars” theatrical spin off film. Since Yoda’s passing in “Return of the Jedi”, chances are that his appearance will be limited in the J.J. Abrams continuation of the films starting with Episode VII. If anything, we may get the ghost Yoda as seen at the end of ROTJ but the story will be focused elsewhere.

According to Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News:

The first Stand Alone film is going to center upon Yoda. At this stage specifics are sparse, but Kathleen Kennedy is putting together a Star Wars slate… I’m wildly curious for more details on the Yoda film – would this be a young or old Yoda tale?

My guess is that we will see a film focused on Yoda much earlier in his 874 year lifespan, maybe even during his Jedi training.

As always, only time will tell. How do you feel about a character based Star Wars spin off film?