Angry Girl Of The Week: Kitty Honey


This week we are featuring another international cosplayer that goes by the name of Kitty Honey.

This Argentinian beauty has got it down when it comes to geekery. Kitty Honey is a homebody that loves to read comics, play classic NES games and watch shows like Dr. Who and Star Trek.

She is so involved in the world of cosplay that she even open her own cosplay shop that sells costumes and wigs.

We are happy to introduce you to Kitty Honey!

profile_picture_by_kitty_honey-d5fl8xbName: Kitty Honey

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, I’m from Argentina. My cosplayer name is Kitty Honey. Kitty Honey is a play on words with Cutey Honey which I consider the most beautiful and lovely female character in anime series and as cosplayer I love the character because she changes her appearance constantly and that’s cosplay for me.

I love sci fi classics like Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Twilight Zone, I specially love that show.

I got into cosplay like 5 or 6 years ago, when I saw a cosplay contest in a comics and manga magazine, I’ ve seen cosplayers and I got a little keen on it, and I thought that it would be nice to portrait one of the sailors of Sailor Moon that was a show I really liked when I was a child and when I saw in a local con that people where cosplaying.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like reading books, novels, comic books. Watching movies, classic anime. Playing classic videogames and shooting arcades. I’m not too keen in going out, I have more fun at home and doing geeky things and spend time with my cats and my boyfriend.

What do you do for a living?
I own a cosplay shop where I sell cosplay stuff such as wigs, props and other anime merchandise, and also I’m going to graduate soon in university.

What type of video games, TV shows and movies do you like?
In Videogames I like the classics, some NES stuff, fighting games like Darkstalkers, Street Fighter and Guilty Gear. And of course, shooting games. I don’t watch much TV actually, but I always liked Family Guy, The Simpsons and adult swim shows.
In movies I like all type of movies from independent cinema to hollywood classics like Hitchcock movies, classic Sci Fi. Also I like Anime movies such as Ghost In the Shell, Macross: do you remember love, Satoshi Kon’s movies and Ghibli movies.

What is your favorite comic book?
I like Sandman, Watchmen, The Invisibles, Witchblade, X-men and Spiderman. Spiderman is also my favourite superhero, very cliche, but he’s my fav one.

Tell us something interesting about you.
I don’t know what qualifies as interesting. I love cats, I hate peanuts. I’m a sleepwalker and sleeptalker when I’m under stress. I love magic, alchemy and sorcery. I used to dance tango.

Why did you decide to dress like the characters you portray?
I always been interested in fantasy characters from comics, cartoons, anime, movies, etc, and the possibility of being someone else, like when you’re a kid and put on costumes. When I was a child it was usual for me that in my birthday parties I used to wear costumes (like a Strawberry Shortcake one I wore when I was 4 years old) Cosplay gave me that possibility to play being someone else and changing my look.

That’s why there’s an anime character I deeply love, Cutey Honey from Go Nagai. She can transform in multiple appearances and looks, she can be a photographer, a model, a biker chick, etc and that’s very “similar” to cosplaying and my cosplayer name is some sort of play on words with that character (Kitty Honey) and I feel like her when I do cosplay, I can be blond, brunette, I can be a superheroine, a princess, a schoolgirl, a warrior and that’s just awesome.

Anything else we should know about you?
I’m allergic to wind and cold. For cosplayers I can say feel free when you are cosplaying, don’t get yourself under any limit. Cosplaying is adding a tasty and spicy spoonful of fantasy to the real life which is not that glamorous, fantastic, epic or whatever adjective you can put on it like in comic books. Cosplaying is being part of that fantasy of superheroes, warriors, princesses, pilots, heroes, etc that is far from our lives and we always fantasize and dream with that.

You can find Kitty Honey around the internet on her Facebook page, deviantArt, World Cosplay and Cure.

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