“The Office” closes its doors for the last time

The Office - Season 9 finale

Last night, “The Office” aired its final episode after a long 9 year run. The episode, simply titled “Finale”, took us on an hour long journey of what the Dunder Mifflin crew was up to and gave us some closure on many of the characters that we’ve grown to love during the past decade.

The show was never the same after Steve Carell’s departure from the series just over 2 years ago and viewership was on a steady decline. It was finally decided that the series was to be ended after the 2012-2013 season.

If you are not familiar with the series as a whole, or have just stopped watching the past few seasons, the premise of the show revolves around the employees of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company who were being filmed as part of a PBS documentary.

This season, we have seen the build up to the airing of that documentary and how the crew is coping with the fact that their whole lives are being unraveled in front of the world. Every happy, sad and embarrassing moment the staff had to endure was now becoming public from Jim and Pam’s slow building romance to Creed’s eventual outing as a band member of The Grass Roots (which he actually was) and a drug dealer who was now being sought after by police.

The series finale fast forwards us 6 months down the road where Dwight and Angela are planning their wedding, Andy finds a new path after his failed attempt at being an actor, Stanley finds new happiness after he retired and Pam and Jim plan the next chapter of their lives.

Without going into an in-depth summary full of spoilers and giving up all of the development of the characters, “The Office” ended its run on a high note with plenty of emotion and topped with a big bow that should leave dedicated fans satisfied.