AW Comic Review: Dexter #1


If a Dexter book series or television series wasn’t enough for you, author, and creator of the character, Jeff Lindsay, has teamed up with Marvel comics in order to bring your favorite serial killer to a whole new medium.

Set for a 5 issue run, Lindsay has brought us a visual interpretation of the Dexter universe that aligns itself more with the novels than the television series. For those who have read the books, you may have seen the divergence of the series after book/season 1. In the comic, Dexter shows no resemblance to Michael C. Hall and Rita, Dexter’s wife, is still healthy and has issues piecing together full sentences.

As someone who has read all of the novels, it was nice seeing the parallels between the comic and the novel. But that doesn’t mean a fan of the Showtime series who has never picked up a book wouldn’t enjoy it.

Dexter is still that socially awkward blood splatter expert working for the Miami Metro Police Department by day and vigilante serial killer by night.

In issue #1 of the Dexter comic book series, the tone is set from the get go where Dexter creeps through a dark ally in pursuit of a suspected child molester. The scene let’s readers know that everything you may know about Dexter is still very legitimate and you won’t have to really re-familiarize yourself with the character in the short 5 issue series.

Lindsay, who grew up a comic book fan himself, does an excellent job of telling a new chapter in Dexter’s life and his writing capabilities translate great into the comic book medium. If I had any complaints, it would be in the artwork for the series.

Not to say that the artwork is bad per se, but Dexter is a deep character and the flatness of the illustrations make it difficult to appreciate the mood that Lindsay is trying to portray. An artist who can give the characters more depth, like “Ultimate Spider-Man” artist Sara Pichelli, the tone of the story would have been much better.

The next issue in the series is set to release on July 21. The Showtime series is currently in its 8th and final season and Lindsay’s next novel is set to release in September of this year.