“Firefly” to return as iOS and Android game in 2014


If there is anything that can be said about Firefly it’s this, no power in the Verse can stop it. Yes that’s right my fellow Browncoats, the television series that didn’t even make it to a full season, and was resurrected in a major motion picture, is getting its own video game.

Yes fans, you too will soon be able to gather a crew and set out into the stars for adventure and excitement with your own ship and crew. FOX Digital Entertainment and QMx Interactive have announced that “Firefly Online” will be a multi user social online RPG. It will be initially released on iOS and Android enabled smartphones and tablets in Summer 2014.

As a huge “Firefly” fan, I personally can’t wait for its release. I hope this means that I can get my own Firefly class transport and maybe even share a few adventures with Captain Mal and the rest of the Serenity crew. Personally, I think the best way to describe this news? Shiny! What do you think? Let us know!