Is this the Turtle Van from Michael Bay’s “TMNT” film?

TMNT Turtle Van

Since it was announced that Michael Bay would be rebooting the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” franchise in a live action film, fans have seemed to be skeptical at best.

First we’ve had to endure the news that the turtles wouldn’t be mutants at all, but rather an alien species who had come to Earth. Then fans were then told that Whoopi Goldberg would be cast in a major role in the film…which doesn’t really fit the bill of geek dream girl or Michael Bay sex symbol. And now we have this fan photo of what appears to be the film’s version of the Turtle Van.

For those that grew up watching the Green Team, we know the Turtle Van wasn’t always the most visually appealing vehicle out there. But 20 years later and this is the best Bay and company could come up with?

We have no verification yet that this is actually the vehicle being used in the film but all of the evidence seems to support that this is. First off, most movie vehicles are transported via flat bed truck (as shown in our Los Angeles finding of the Gotham PD cars). Then, the location in New York is consistent with the filming location. Lastly, if you look in the background, you will actually see the Channel 6 News van.

So what do you think? Is this legit? Do you like the design? Hopefully it at least shoots pizza.