Sony to release PlayStation Vita/PS4 bundle?


There is a rumor spreading today like a wildfire that claims Sony will be releasing a PlayStation 4 bundle that will include the moderately popular PlayStation Vita portable gaming console.

Since the Vita launched, Sony had touted the connectivity features between the device and the PlayStation 3 console. Though features like Remote Play really never really took off, Sony must think that if they can Trojan Horse it into a a console bundle, users will give the handheld another chance to integrate with the highly anticipated console.

As an owner of the PS Vita since launch, I can say it’s a pretty solid handheld system that is handcuffed by a poor user interface and a lack of consistently good games. With the iOS and Android gaming market taking off due to sheer convenience of a video game on the same device you use for email and text messaging, the recent handheld market has been hurting.

The bundle is rumored to cost $500 which might be a steal since the Vita itself runs around $250. At that price, would you be willing to invest in the Sony handheld platform?