Disney to end partnership with Jerry Bruckheimer


With a deal set to expire in 2014, Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have decided to part ways.

Bruckheimer, who teamed up with Disney on major franchises like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “National Treasure”, has announced that he would like to move on from the Disney brand and work on projects that are geared toward a more mature audience.

On the same note, Disney has formally announced that they expect to lose between $160 and $190 on the production of “The Lone Ranger” indicating that the end of this partnership might be a mutual agreement.

Bruckheimer will be completing some pending projects with Disney, including another “National Treasure” film and the 5th installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean“, which has been delayed due to an incomplete script and a slew of other productions in the works from Disney.

It will be sad to see this partnership end but at the same time, Disney has some amazing films coming through the pipelines. Add that to the acquisition of Marvel and the “Star Wars” franchise and Disney has enough on their plate to keep growing their live action movie development.