How to pick up hookers in GTA 5


Over the years, one of our most popular posts has been the one we put up teaching people how to get laid…in “Grand Theft Auto IV”.

Well, since that’s the type of audience you are, we decided to help you out even further by sharing this video with you showing you how to hook up with hookers in “Grand Theft Auto V” (that’s “Grand Theft Auto 5” for those of you that don’t speak Roman).

Like every other GTA game, you simply pull up to a lady of the night, honk your horn, proceed to have fun based on how much you’re willing to spend.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true GTA game if you couldn’t proceed to run her over with your car and get your money back…I feel like a scum bag for even posting this.

You have to remember though that Los Santos is based of Los Angeles. Not every scantily clad woman is a working girl so some of them may be offended and walk away with attitude if you honk at them. As someone who lives in LA, I can’t confirm or deny this works in real life.

Anyways, here’s a video that shows you just how it’s done. If you don’t feel like searching the streets for a date, you can always head down to the local strip club, Vanilla Unicorn, and make it rain for some special attention in the back room.