Which “Simpsons” character will be killed off?


In a recent interview, Executive Producer of “The Simpsons”, Al Jean, announced that he would be killing off a character from “The Simpsons” universe.

Though this is not a completely new concept by the writers of the animated Fox show, it is something that typically gets people talking.

Whether the writers killed Maud Flanders, “Bleeding Gums” Murphy or even asked fans to guess who shot Mr. Burns, a major event like this is always bound to get fans talking…even more so if it’s a character people really like.

“The Simpsons” has no shortage of characters but Jean disclosed that it would be a major character voiced by an Emmy award winning actor.

The episode in question is set to be produced this year and is not likely to air until the end of 2014.

Who do you think will be “The Simpsons” next victim?