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AngryWeb is an emerging internet blog focused on enthusiast markets encompassing areas in television, movies, video games, music, and technology.  We are committed to providing our readers the best and latest in entertainment news as we constantly endeavor to become the one-stop media source for the everyday “geek”.  Our website, which receives an estimated 60,000 monthly viewers, attracts a diverse male and female demographic that ranges from teen adolescents to mature adults.  Users are free to conduct open discussion amongst themselves on our comment boards as well as share articles on other sites as they choose.

“We think so you don’t have to” is our slogan as we serve to bring insight, inspiration, and innovation amongst the entertainment blogging community we are proud to be a part of.  Our writers here at AngryWeb will continue to do the hard part so sit back, relax, embrace the greatest of all “geekdom”, and most important of all – GET ANGRY.

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