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AW Review: “Marvel Zombies Halloween”

Another addition to the Marvel Zombies franchise has been released and just in time for the holidays. “Marvel Zombies Halloween” has just hit shelves and this reviewer has thoroughly enjoyed its story. Taking place in the same universe of the previous Marvel Zombie franchise universe, “Marvel Zombies Halloween” takes a “One Shot” issue to bring …

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AW Review: “Wayne of Gotham” novel

Don’t be fooled by the illustrious and elaborate dust jacket art, this is indeed a novel. Furthermore, don’t be fooled by the fact that this novel is about Batman, because it, in fact, is not good. With a release date of June 26th, author Tracy Hickman and publishers HarperCollins aimed to gain sales on the …

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Unwrapping “The Batman Files”

A few weeks ago, we talked about an item called “The Batman Files”, a compilation of various documents collected from Bruce Wayne’s travels. We now have an unwrapping video for you guys. Enjoy 🙂 “The Batman Files” can be purchased on Amazon here.

Bombshells: A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Collection

A detailed review of comic book artist Terry Dodson’s sketchbook “Bombshells: A Terry Dodson Sketchbook Collection.” If you love comic book art then this is an article you need to read!

Read this book before our economy collapses

I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but everything you know may soon collapse around you. It probably won’t be because of an asteroid strike, but instead because of the irresponsible brand of capitalism in this country. When this happens, fish food is the first to go, so pet fish will be the first …

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