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“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” graphic novel

If you loved “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” books and movies, DC comics/Vertigo is adapting all three books in the series as two-volume graphic novels. The novels hit shelves November 2012.  

Unwrapping “The Batman Files”

A few weeks ago, we talked about an item called “The Batman Files”, a compilation of various documents collected from Bruce Wayne’s travels. We now have an unwrapping video for you guys. Enjoy 🙂 “The Batman Files” can be purchased on Amazon here.

“The Batman Files” coming October 25th

Fellow Batman fans, we hope you have a spare change of pants. We have seen encyclopedias, guidebooks, philosophy books, how-to books, history books, and various other materials that have documented all things awesome about the dark knight. Now, brace yourselves for…The Batman Files. This hardcover dossier by Matthew Manning comes packed with histories of all the major Bat-characters, letters, newspaper articles, in-depth computer …

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The Making of “The Lost Symbol”

9.15.09 – Dan Brown’s long-awaited novel, “The Lost Symbol”, has finally been released today with a record number of 5 million copies in its first print. Curious how that was possibly accomplished? You might even be wondering how these hardbound books are produced in the first place. Enjoy the video. Here is Good Morning America’s …

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And the title of Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” follow-up will be…

THE LOST SYMBOL. …not “The Solomon Key” as we had all long anticipated.  With almost 5 years of delays, a soaring amount of hype that followed shortly after The Da Vinci Code’s epidemic popularity, and the multitude of speculative books assuming “The Solomon Key” as the book’s title, it really does come as little surprise …

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