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Opening cinematics released for “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns”

If it’s one thing fans of the “Final Fantasy” franchise have always been able to brag about, it’s the cutting edge cinematics that move the game’s story along. Going all the way back to “Final Fantasy VII”, cutscenes that were animated with the latest and greatest CGI added a realness to the game that had …

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How to pick up hookers in GTA 5

Over the years, one of our most popular posts has been the one we put up teaching people how to get laid…in “Grand Theft Auto IV”. Well, since that’s the type of audience you are, we decided to help you out even further by sharing this video with you showing you how to hook up …

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Rockstar Games releases “GTA Online” gameplay video

GTA Grand Theft Auto Online

Today, Rockstar Games released a video detailing the gameplay for the upcoming “GTA Online“. “GTA Online” takes all of the features of the “Grand Theft Auto” games and gives you the ability to play with friends…or enemies. In Grand Theft Auto Online, you’ll have the freedom to explore alone or with friends, work cooperatively to …

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AW Game Review: Duck Tales Remastered

Disney and Capcom take gamers on a trip down memory lane with the remastered version of the 1989 classic, “Duck Tales”. Right from the opening sequence, fans are treated to a high definition animated splash screen and the 8 bit version of the “Duck Tales” animated series theme song. Once the game begins, you navigate Scrooge …

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Major Nelson unboxes the Xbox One

The Xbox One has gone through hell and back as far as PR goes this year. From issues with DRM to privacy, Microsoft’s goals with the Xbox One were slammed by gamers all over the internet. After fans threatened to switch their console preference to the PlayStation 4, things quickly changed and Microsoft had reversed …

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Sony to release PlayStation Vita/PS4 bundle?

There is a rumor spreading today like a wildfire that claims Sony will be releasing a PlayStation 4 bundle that will include the moderately popular PlayStation Vita portable gaming console. Since the Vita launched, Sony had touted the connectivity features between the device and the PlayStation 3 console. Though features like Remote Play really never …

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