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The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition announced

Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector's Edition

Do you have $100 burning a hole in your pocket for something incredibly geeky? This week, it was made official that the photos popping up around the internet are indeed that of “The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition”. You may be asking yourself how this is different than the trilogy currently available for around …

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“The Dark Knight Rises” to be released on Blu Ray and DVD December 4

Here we are folks, Christopher Nolan’s last installment of the Dark Knight trilogy has received an official release date which comes just in time before those boring holiday family get togethers. “The Dark Knight Rises” will be available on Blu Ray and DVD this December 4th! A special edition will be made available which includes …

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The 7 deadliest mistakes made in fairy tales

The following infographic shows us the 7 deadliest mistakes made in fairy tales as part of promotion for “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Be sure to check out our review of the film as well as pick up your copy of the DVD or Blu Ray available tomorrow, September 11, 2012.  

AW Review: Spaceballs 25th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray

10 years after the theatrical release of “Star Wars: A New Hope” (and 4 years after “Return of the Jedi”), “Spaceballs” was the perfect satire of George Lucas’ creation and remains a cult classic to this day. Now 25 years later, fans have been given the opportunity to pick up the special edition Blu Ray. If …

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AngryWeb’s top 6 spoof movies

With the 25th anniversary release of “Spaceballs” arriving on Blu Ray on August 7th (that’s next week people!), we have decided to choose our top 6 spoof movies of all time. Leave a comment if you think we left something out but I think these are some pretty strong titles. Also, we will be giving …

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New trailer for “Avengers” Blu Ray

The Blu-ray Combo Pack will be available on September 25th. Also, you will be able to buy the complete box sets containing: Marvel’s The Avengers (Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray) Captain America: The First Avenger (Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray) Thor (Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray)  Iron Man 2 (Blu-ray) The Incredible Hulk (Blu-ray)  Iron Man (Blu-ray) Bonus Disc – “The Phase One Archives” …

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