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This is what you get for working at Nintendo for 20 years

A Redditor posted this photo of this Mario statue claiming that his father received it for working with the company for 20 years…where do I sign up?

It’s Hero Time!

Imagine, for a moment, that Superman was real. Imagine that you’re a citizen of Anytown, U.S.A., and you’ve suffered a personal injustice at the hands of a modern-day supervillain. Imagine that Superman, buff and friendly in his red and blue ensemble, comes flying in to help you with your problem. Now imagine that instead of …

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Anne Hathaway seen taking out a mugger in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Anne Hathaway, who plays Selina Kyle and of course Catwoman in the upcoming film “The Dark Knight Rises”, is seen beating up a knife wielding thug in what appears to be that she trying to save a young kid. I cant wait to see more of Ann Hathaway as Catwoman.

GameStop employee fired for Planking

John Mazzocchi, an employee of GameStop for 5 years, was let go after posting this picture online. According to the Urban Dictionary, Planking is: To lay horizontally in a strange or unusual place. To plank you must lay horizontally straighten your body and point your fingers and toes down (towards your feet), then you must …

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Goodbye Netflix

Well, I have joined the masses that has committed to cancelling their Netflix account after the 60% price hike. I think it’s important to explain why I did cancel because it goes beyond just an increase of price and a hit to my digital wallet. It’s the principal of the matter and the beginning of an unfriendly snowball. Since …

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Reviving the Legacy

Mortal Kombat: Legacy, a new short mini series produced by Warner Brothers and debuting on the Machinima youtube channel. So far we are told that this series will have nine parts to it and part one (episode 1) is now out on Machinima on youtube. It is being directed by Kevin Tancharoen the same individual …

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