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“Who Watches the Watchmen?” – A VMN Production

A new video has been released on the “Watchmen” viral site, The New Frontiersman, called “Who Watches the Watchmen?”.  The clip was broadcast in 1983 on the Veidt Music Network and is a parody of the mid-80s MTV specials. 14 days 🙂

Woman Misses Her Flight at HK International Airport

Well…we don’t call our site Angry Web for nothing 🙂 Believe me, it’s even funnier if you understand what she’s saying in Cantonese – she calls one of the men crazy, for instance.

Minutemen: The Arcade Game

A new viral site has been released for “Watchmen” at the following url: Click on the arcade machine once you’re there and you’ll be able to play a “Minutemen” arcade game!  Man, this is too too cool… 22 days 🙂

When you drink Pepsi, you are drinking a magnetic field

I used to work in PR, so I know my way around a ridiculous statement. But if this leaked PDF from the brand marketers for Pepsi is in fact real, then I need to get back into the industry to try to top its ostentatiousness. I recommend reading all 27 pages of it (there’s a …

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“Angels & Demons” Path of Illumination Contest Has Begun

EDIT: A big thanks to j15bell for providing photos to assist all of you on your quest! Visit the link HERE. The password is tweleve. Remember that contest held a few years back by Google when “The Da Vinci Code” was released?  This time around, MSN is hosting a contest for “Angels & Demons” roughly …

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The Keene Act & YOU

The “Watchmen” viral site, The New Frontiersman, has released a 1977 Government Public Service Announcement regarding masked vigilantes.  Take a look… 30 days.

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