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Collection of E3 booth babes

They are back at E3 and are still pretending to be interested in the same things you are. Here is a collection of the girls of E3!

Happy 30th Birthday Pac-man!

Apparently Pac-man is almost exactly 3 years older than me. Check out for a their tribute to the power pellet-eating pie chart for video gamers. Hint: It’s playable

The real Darth Vader

As you probably know, James Earl Jones did not play Darth Vader, but simply provided the dark, menacing voice we all recognize today. However, what if Jones had not added his voice, but rather the studio had kept original actor, David Prowse’s voice? Well…yeah…

Don’t mess with The Batman

The Wrap has reported that a man named Robert Henderson has been sentenced for illegally trafficking counterfeit DVD’s of “The Dark Knight”. Henderson, who is from Grandview, Missouri, recorded the film on a digital camcorder in the summer of 2008 and as a result, has been given 2 years in federal prison as well as …

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“I am not amused”

Best of “X-Play’s” 1000th episode

Video Game – E3 2010

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