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Harley Quinn performs “Greatest Show On Earth”

Since we here at AW are pretty much obsessed with anything from the Batman Universe, the minute I saw this video I knew I had to share it with our audience. Tara Strand, who notably portrays Harley Quinn on the interwebs, performs to Macy Gray’s “Greatest Show On Earth” from the 2006 film “Idlewild”. This sweet and …

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“The Dark Knight” – 1960s Style

Ever wonder how Chris Nolan’s interpretation of the Dark Knight would look in the style of the original 60s TV series? Here you go…

“Grand Theft Auto V” trailer

If your like me, then in recent weeks you have probably been wondering to yourself: “Where will I be spending 60+ hours on end exploring, thieving, beating, shooting, wandering, driving, flying, and jumping in the new Grand Theft Auto?” Well wonder no longer. As of today, Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto V will be …

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New Bat in the Sun film, “Seeds of Arkham”, is released

If you are a fan of Batman short films or fan films, you are probably familiar with Bat in the Sun productions, an independent production company that has a strong presence on the internet. With their hit “City of Scars” still fresh in people’s mind, BITS released today and all new short film, titled “Seeds of Arkham” …

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Live action “Dead Island” short film

We get approached with a lot of short films in hopes that we can help promote it and get people’s hard work out to the general public. Unfortunately, most of the time we can’t just put any video out there with the Angry Web seal of approval because we have to have standards for the thousands of …

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Batgirl + Catwoman + Wonder Woman = Geekgasm

We have no idea what this commercial is for, but who cares, right?

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