As Angry Web continues to grow increasingly popular by the day, we are constantly looking to expand our workforce with new hires. Being a fairly young website with plenty of opportunity for further development, we are seeking committed individuals who would like to contribute and help make our site as great as it can be.

We are currently offering the following positions:


Looking for insightful individuals who can write about movies, television shows, video games, comic books and music with their own comedic spin.  Individuals will first offer 1 or 2 sample articles for the site which will then await approval by an Administrator – as long as your article doesn’t read like an AIM message, u should be aite, k?  Writers will be expected to post up to 1-2 articles per day.

We are also currently looking for female geeks and bands to be featured on a weekly and monthly basis:

Girl of the Week

If you’re into comic books, gaming, cosplay or anything else that might earn you the title of “Geek”, we would like to introduce you to our readers. Send us a not-so-revealing photo and a short description about yourself and you could be an Angry Girl.

Featured Bands

If you’re in a band and your music doesn’t suck, we would like to promote you on Angry Web. Send us 3-4 songs, a band photo and a short bio. We are looking for bands that have an alternative or rock style consistant with the type of music our readers would be into.

Please send your…

  • Name
  • Position applying for
  • Brief description of yourself
  • How you can contribute to the site

…to Resume not required. Cover letter not required. And no interview – BOOYAH!  Hey, if can prove to us you’re as…ahem…normal as any other geek out there and that you do care about this stuff, then welcome aboard!