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8 minute trailer for “Kingdom Hearts 3D”

Since today seems to be the day of trailers, here is another one featuring Sora and all of his Disney pals in a new 8 minute trailer for “Kingdom Hearts 3D”. Unfortunately, the dialogue is completely in Japanese but the visuals alone are enough to keep you interested, assuming you’re a fan of the franchise. …

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Trioviz glasses bring 3D to your 2D TV

Have you noticed that many of the hottest titles this holiday season, including “Batman: Arkham City” and “Assassins Creed: Revelations”, are 3D compatible…assuming you’ve spent the money to buy a 3D TV? Well if you’re like me and don’t see the value in buying a technology that has died in the 50s, and again in the 80s, …

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New Green Lantern 3D trailer

The Dark Knight Rises

The 3rd film in Nolan’s installment of the franchise will be officially titled “The Dark Knight Rises”. When I first heard the news I thought it odd that it would be so similarly titled without just throwing a number behind it. In an interview Nolan gave the fans a bit of information that is sure …

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year edition…now in 3D?

Batman Arkham Asylum 3D

Those who are on the email list for publishers, Square Enix, might have received an email this week promoting the Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition. With a major buzz around 3D in film, the gaming industry has begun to grab on. I could go on and on about how I think this …

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Wally Pfister talks cinematography for “Batman 3”

Wally Pfister, longtime cinematographer for director Chris Nolan, was recently interviewed with Cinematical regarding his shooting plans for the third Batman installment. When asked about whether “Batman 3” would be shot in 3D, Pfister stated that he and Chris Nolan have shown a “mutual disinterest” in the format and commented with the following: “I did …

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