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AW Podcast: Episode 7 and 8 plus Specials 1and 2

So we probably should be updating this more but I’ll be honest…I’m lazy. We have had some amazing guests over the past couple of weeks including Blake and Anders from the Comedy Central series “Workaholics, Pee Wee Herman, comic book writer Paul Dini and Ed Greenburg from L.A. based comic shop, Collector’s Paradise. Check out …

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AW Podcast: Episode 2

Our second podcast is live on iTunes! Show notes and link below. Back to the Future 2015 Nike kicks to be released, DC Comics’ New 52 review, George Lucas is ruining Star Wars, X-Men: First Class, Resistance 3 and Dead Island release, Batman: Arkham City the album, I Fight Dragons releases a new single and …

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AW Podcast: Episode 1

We have just uploaded our first podcast! Please be sure to visit the link, subscribe and leave some pretty feedback. The show is in it’s early stages, obviously, but we hope to refine it and make it awesome for all of our listeners. This week we discuss hot girls in comic book outfits, Bane’s voice …

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