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Original concept for Bane’s scars in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Here are some molds showing you what could have been Bane’s scars in “The Dark Knight Rises”. Are you glad they ended up with the final product or would you have rather seen something more exaggerated like the ones below?

IMAX poster for “The Dark Knight Rises” revealed

Fans visiting select IMAX theaters for the midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” will be given promotional posters featuring the lead villain, Bane. Here is a digital copy of the poster for those not fortunate enough to attend the midnight showing or who will not be seeing it in IMAX.

New “Dark Knight Rises” photos from Empire magazine

Here are a collection of high resolution images from the Britain based Empire magazine for the upcoming film, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

New “Dark Knight Rises” character posters revealed

Were you a little disappointed with yesterday’s “Dark Knight Rises” poster? These three new “Dark Knight Rises” character posters that were revealed today might make up for that. Is the movie out already?! July 20th cannot happen soon enough…

“The Dark Knight Rises” statues and busts

ThisJuly we will be seeing new 12 inch statues and busts of Batman, Bane and Catwoman from the upcoming movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”. The film opens in theaters and IMAX on July 20,2012.

THE FIRE RISES! Thoughts on the TDKR Prologue

At the end of the Operation Early Bird viral marketing game, fans were rewarded with passes to see the 6-minute opening prologue to “The Dark Knight Rises” at select IMAX theaters across the world. T-shirts for Bane and Batman were passed out, which we’ve attached images of below.  AW was at the screening and we …

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